Sunday, June 20, 2021

Project 02: Tranquillizer Gun

 So for the second project I had originally started to sculpt in medium with a different concept art but found out it was an actual in game asset so I decided to change my gun ( awaiting Nick's permission) to a genuine concept that had not been rendered in 3d. 

Here is the reference images that I have for the revolver: 

        And here is where I am at with the proxy so far: 


Week 01: slight set back because of concept issue. I plan to get the proxy done by Tuesday at the latest.

Week 02: Game res and uvs done. Begin High poly sculpt in Oculus Medium and clean up in zbrush.

Week 03: High poly sculpt completed and exported. Set up lighting in Unreal. 

Week 04: Textures and final presentation.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sea Side Shack: Week 04

 For the final week of this project I intended to get all of the textures done for the shack and set up the model in unreal.  

Here is where I am at with the textures for the main structures of the shack.

Substance renders: 

For the trees, grass and floor plane those will all be completed in Photoshop and then imported into UE4

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Corpse Bride Sprint 02

 For sprint 02, I was supposed to get the table, chair, bench and piano all game res'd, uvd, sculpted and textured. I was able to accomplish that by this sprint. There are few changes that I may make  if I have extra time this next sprint such as adding a bit  more geometry to the table.

To recap here is the schedule:

Here are the updated models in Iray: 





All assets have had material instances and imported all textures into unreal and have been applied to the game res geometry in the corpse bride level. 

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Project 01: Week 03 Progress

This week I finished up the sculpting for the assets that needed more detail and laid out the Uvs for all of the assets in a better layout within four materials. I will be creating the foliage and ground texture in Photoshop and the rest of the assets will be painted on in Substance painter. For this final week I will be finishing the textures and getting everything into engine and lit.

Here is my progress so far:

First bake in substance:

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Project 01: UVs and Game Res Seaside Shack

 For this week I completed all of the game res geometry for all of the pieces in the environment. I also uv'd all of the pieces into three separate materials. I wanted to get the sculpting done on the wood pieces done this week so I could have two weeks to texture, but I will need to take a day or two out of that schedule to add sculpt information in the wood pieces and tarps to add the fine detail shown in the reference. 

Foliage UVs

Fabric UVs, I wanted to have the fabrics on a separate material so I could add masks in unreal to give movement to the fabric without having to do any rigging.

And here is the UV for the rest of the objects hand laid out, I want to optimize the space so I will most likely take another pass at the UV layout so that the more important objects have more real-estate  on the 0 to 1 space. 

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Project 01: Sea Side Shack check in 01

 For week one I have completed my proxy mesh about 98%. There are a few tiny objects that I am still debating whether or not I want to include as well as all of the rope work. For this project I want to focus on the texturing the most and want to give it about 2 weeks of dedicated work. I plan to finish the game res and the bit of sculpting necessary for the assets so I have the time to add detailed textures to match the reference I chose the second week. 

Basic Schedule:

Week one 

select and proxy out concept for project 01

Week two

 all game res and sculpting of all objects completed. Import and start lighting in UE4

Week three and four

 dedicated to texturing and final implementation of all assets in UE4. 

CorpseBride Summer Schedule Sprint 01

 For the summer we are pushing to complete the Corpse Bride VR experience and I have worked together with my team to create a schedule to complete all assets with about a week and change to make any tweaks needed after assets are completed. 

I have 9 assets that I am responsible for: 

Bar - Wall

Bar - Table

Bar - Chair

Upstairs Flooring



Square Picture frame

Piano Bench


The objects in brown will be created / textured via a trim sheet and here is the schedule when they will be turned in below:

Asset list with images 

             Most of my assets will be delivered during sprint 2 and 4. With the exception of the square frame in sprint 3.

Here are the assets as they stand in the level currently: 

Sprint 02

Piano and Piano Bench. Theses are our hero pieces so I will spend more time on the sculpting and texturing of these two and that is why it will  be delivered in sprint 2. The bench needs to be scaled up to fit Emily's model so she can sit comfortably in the seat. 

Table and Chair, these are simpler pieces and I plan on having these completed within the next sprint. 

Sprint 03

Square picture frame, this is a very minor and simple object and will be delivered in sprint 3 while I start the trim sheet process for the following objects below: 

Sprint 04

             Upstairs flooring, walls, staircase and banister will all be completed via a trim sheet. I will add a bit more detail so there is physical depth to the objects but the majority of the sculpt information will be done using a trim sheet. 

Project 02: Tranquillizer Gun